Sights of Greece

The catalog includes the main attractions of Greece with photos and descriptions: monuments of Ancient Hellas, fortresses, temples, museums, beautiful natural places – parks, lakes, mountains, caves, palm groves and much more. All objects are marked on a map of Greece with attractions, and their pages contain basic information for tourists, including ticket prices, opening hours.

Greece attracts tourists not only with its beach vacation, but also with a variety of excursion routes. Every year millions of foreigners visit the country to see the ancient beauties of Athens, Crete and Rhodes, visit the unique monasteries of Meteora, take a ferry ride and capture the panorama of the Gulf of Corinth, and have time to enjoy local cuisine.

In addition to ancient sights, there are medieval and later European palaces in Greece. For example, on the island of Kos, which once belonged to the Knights of the Order of St. John, the massive, typically medieval Neratzia Castle is perfectly preserved. Refined European palaces – Achilleion and the Palace of Saints Michael and George, which today houses the Museum of Asian Art.

In Thessaloniki, the second largest Greek city, there are several monuments of early Christian and Byzantine architecture.

The legendary Mount Olympus also rises near Thessaloniki – the mythical abode of the ancient Greek gods, the highest mountain range in the country, which today is part of the national park. At the foot of the mountain are the ruins of an ancient city.

Some of the best places to relax in Greece with children are the water park in Faliraki, a resort town on the island of Rhodes, and the Allou Fun Park in Athens.

The main attractions of Ancient Greece in Athens

The search for ancient sights of Greece known from history textbooks should be primarily in Athens – the capital of the country, which in the ancient period had the status of a city-state.

The Acropolis of Athens is one of the most famous Greek landmarks and a recognizable symbol of the capital, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Just 500 meters from the Acropolis with the famous Parthenon, the largest ancient Greek temple rises – Olympion (Temple of Olympian Zeus), the construction of which lasted about 650 years and was completed in the II century AD.

On the southern slope of the Acropolis is the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, an ancient stone amphitheater that every summer hosts the Athens Theater Festival.

The capital is also home to the country’s main archaeological museum dedicated to the cultures of antiquity. It houses a huge collection of artifacts – more than 20 thousand items, from the Neolithic to the post-Byzantine era.

Beautiful ancient Greek monuments and panoramic natural views can be found on the islands of Crete and Rhodes.

Attractions of the islands of Greece

Beach holidays on the island of Crete can be combined with a very rich excursion program. Crete is home to several ancient sights of Greece. The most impressive architectural monument is the Palace of Knossos, in the vicinity of which, according to myths, there was a labyrinth with the Minotaur imprisoned in it. With excursions or on your own, you can visit the Phaistos Palace, the Venetian fortress Frangokastello, the ancient city of Risenia and other historically significant places. In addition, there are many interesting museums on the island, most of which are related to archeology.

The most famous sights of the island of Rhodes in Greece are the ancient city of Lindos with a huge antique acropolis, the second largest and most important after the Athenian one. From a historical point of view, the acropolis in the city of Rhodes is also remarkable, and along with it, the tourist route includes the Palace of the Grand Masters, the medieval street of the Knights of John, museums and the port. In search of natural beauty, it is worth going to the famous Seven Springs, which are attributed to miraculous properties.

On the island of Corfu, architectural monuments and natural places are equally interesting. The highest peak of the island is Mount Pantokrator, where the monastery is located. Getting there is not so easy, but the magnificent view from the top is worth it: in good weather you will be able to see other Greek islands and even the lands of Albania. Famous island cultural and historical monuments: Old and New Fortresses, the Throne of the Kaiser – an observation deck near Pelekas, the Cathedral and many other objects, which can be seen in the section of Corfu attractions.

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