Family holidays to keep everyone happy

As anyone with a family will testify, keeping everyone happy is nigh-on-impossible.

The kids want to do one thing, mum wants to do something else – and the same can be said about dad as well.

It means that planning a family getaway almost feels like a full-time occupation in itself.

Fortunately, the travel industry has opened up somewhat in recent years. Sure, families have most definitely always been catered for, but it would be fair to say that there are now many more options that can offer a wealth of opportunity for you and your own.


Bearing this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the options that are available – and discuss the pros and cons.

The villa retreat

In all fairness, there are few cons with this suggestion. Some might call it more expensive than some of the other options, although you’d only have to take a look at these villa holidays in Portugal to realize that this isn’t necessarily the case.

Renting a villa brings a wealth of pros and means that you can spend time with your loved ones in a private setting. Most are equipped with pools, and the benefits of this don’t need to be highlighted, while you’ll have all of the typical amenities that you are used to at home.

It’s like living in a luxury version of your home, in a warm country. A win-win for sure.


Hitting the camp sites

Next on the list is something at the other end of the spectrum. In terms of cost, there’s no doubt that camping is going to come out truly on top for the right reasons, although it’s probably not going to be something that appeals to absolutely everyone out there.

If you’re thinking of going camping, you really will open up little minds as well as taking advantage of the great outdoors. Of course, it can get a little cramped, and if you and the family are used to modern luxuries it might be worth exploring another option.

Nevertheless, some would suggest that everyone should experience camping at least once.


The all-inclusive resort

It would be fair to say that the all-inclusive resort has been around for some time now – and you’ve probably already considered it. In fact, it doesn’t need to even be all-inclusive – a family friendly resort is completely sufficient.

In truth, you can probably view all of the benefits of this by picking up a travel brochure. It means that everything is on-site and you’ll have plenty of things to keep the kids (and you) entertained. On the flip side, squeezing a family into one apartment can sometimes be a little tight – so this is worth considering as well.

The typical staycation

Let’s finish with something that has soared in popularity over recent times. The staycation is the new going on holiday – in other words, staying at home is completely fashionable. Sure, you might not necessarily have the beaches, but if you’re prepared to research your local attractions and devise a true rest week then it should be something that you at least think about.

3 Responses

  1. Dushan

    I love it and yes I agree, there is the lifestyle, and then the person but there is also the seasons as you say. LIfe is ever changing and it is whatever you make it. I know many who would jump in our shoes right now and live our lives living on a tropical island in paradise. They would rock it too. But as we are coming to an end of a season, its something we want to move away from.

  2. cortney

    Great article! We are newly on the road (113 Days today) and currently recoverying from the flu in Bangkok (we keep missing you!!).
    I like what you said about the balance of it all as it does take a lot to plan and write. Also, the world schooling of the kids is a whole other challenging balance.
    It’s our first holiday season on the road and that has its own nuggets of fun and some sadness from remembering previous routines/traditions.
    Thanks for sharing and would be lovely to cross paths someday!

  3. lesly

    Thank you so much for writing this blog. My husband and I recently decided to ditch the work world and plan to start our travel in June 2019, most likely living in the United States (where we are from) from January – May and then traveling for the remainder of the year. I will be completely immersing myself on all the knowledge this site has to offer. Thanks for doing such a great service to others!

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