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Tourism – an area attractive for many. On the one hand the fact that the work as the manager of Tourism can come even a person who does not have professional education. On the other hand, many attracted by the opportunity to visit different countries at the expense of the employer. But it’s simple and rosy in real life? How to find a job in tourism, with no experience? What career opportunities gives this profession?

Employment in the tourism sector: start

Admission requirements to the initial positions, such as tourism manager and assistant manager of tourism, it is not exorbitant: more often it is higher education, computer skills, communication skills and a neat appearance. In an advantageous position are candidates with knowledge of foreign languages ​​and the candidates who have mastered the program of research and booking tours. Not superfluous will be able to work with large amounts of information, the makings of a psychologist and a good memory.

But, in spite of the low requirements for applicants, to get a job in this industry is not so simple. Please be aware that the tourism industry is valued not so much education, much experience and seniority. Taking the Company beginners simply not profitable, even if they have a specialized education: a worker spends over half a year just to study the basics of the profession, all this time without bringing tangible profit company, and then, gaining experience, can go to competitors. The only thing that can help you is a professionally written resume, and there can not do without specialists, for example you can use Executive Resume Writing Service services for tourism If you are an aspiring expert, then pay attention to the format of your resume, it must necessarily be functional resume format. Because you have no experience, but there are certain skills that you can emphasize in this format. But if you already have experience, the chronological resume format is for you. In it you can consistently describe the position and the company where he worked, in parallel listing obligations.

At the start of a career, you can look for a job Tourism management assistant. The assistant manager takes calls and communicates with clients. Since the work season, and make it better before the season, when the proposals from the employers more.

What are the steps of the career ladder?

Clocking in at a travel agency assistant manager or managers, may eventually mustered the experience accumulated customer base and showing himself to be a leading manager or senior manager. The consequence will increase the salary increase, the base will have to bear significant percentage, in addition to professional open new career opportunities. The minimum period which is needed for this step – a year of work.

Lead manager can become the head of the department, and then – director. But overestimate the prospects are not worth it, because managers and directors are not required as much as managers. However, as underestimated. In the tourism business almost all the leaders began their journey with a starting low-paid positions.

Naturally, the bigger the company, the higher the chances to make a career. Another direction of development – go to work for a major tour operator. At the same tried and tested customer base, you can safely leave former colleagues or ready to conduct independent activities, along with a new job. Duties of the managers in the travel agencies and tour operators are substantially different. The travel agency managers bring customers and engaged in registration of vouchers. Work the tour operator may be different – from the issuance of visas to the cooperation with travel agencies. This organizational work, which is often associated with large volumes of information. Payment is usually fixed.

There are two more versions of events. This opening their own agencies, and work independent agent on tourism. In both these cases, the development of the customer base will provide invaluable assistance at the beginning of self-employment.

Revenues specialist working in the tourism sector, increased with the growth of the professional level. To grow professionally, you need to learn foreign languages ​​and study travel destinations, improve communication skills with the client, to gain experience and customer base.

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